From the recording Undefiled


We have intertwined our hearts
With time
Though Temptation has met us here
Longing beckoning our skin into sin
But we first consecrate our desires to our King
And tonight we
In honor of Him
Merge as one
These sheets will hold our vulnerability
They are soaked in us
This covenant a safe place for our souls to unravel
To be known
In body and in essence
Is our treasure
When this skin
Drapes itself against yours
The songs we make are harmony on hallowed beds
Stitched in matrimony
This taste of commitment on your lips
Gets sweeter every year
You fill me
Until skin speaks in the same language as your hands
You feel me
Tracing secrets and shame
As fingers slide across your spine
I massage the pain from your history
I have traveled this land of you
Every curve on the tip of my tongue
Buried parts of myself on the terrain of you
We share intimacy of mind and skin
I am your and you are mine until the grave