1. I'm Sorry

From the recording Undefiled


I known this time has been stressful for us
You say I'm not giving effort towards
Quality time I give my all but I think you ignore it
Trying to grind in overtime for bills you know we can't afford
I want you to see I'm trying
You dismiss me like I'm lying
Get home and I barely speak baby that's just cause I'm tired
Stressful day outside of home I just want some peace and quiet
You ask me do I love you i say yes and you don't seem to buy it
What can I do...i wanna show you that I'm here for you
You feeling alone well baby trust I got those feeling too
I don't want to lose your girl
Maybe we can make this new
Remember when we fell in love
Please don't tell me that you thru
You say that I've changed maybe I've gotten to comfortable
Well Baby that can change trust me I'll do what I gotta do
Just let me fix it, tell me your issue baby i will listen
No matter what you mention girl you got my full attention talk to me

I'm understanding we been off lately
Not tryna go another night where we don't talk baby
Last song was tryna take yo panties off baby
You made it clear ain't none of that till we resolve baby
Let's make it right
Its us forever...together get thru the fights
Communicating all those issues that we always tend to hide
I'm tryna fix those irritations that you seem to have inside
This marriage is rollercoaster but I hope you down to ride
Cause I'm sorry