From the recording Undefiled


I close my eyes
A smile resides
As my pulse rises
Remembering where you've been
How you owned and occupied my space
My mind races
Short breaths, steady paces
As I react to the memory of your traces along my skin
Won't pretend
On how good it feels when you're all in
Hitting me with that good good
Back to back
Again and again
See, my touch upon your divine flesh transforms you into a new man
My kisses crown you King
You will rule wherever your hands find me
It's just something about you that stirs up the unshakable in mе
There are lеvels to this shit
And you take me there effortlessly
It's like a mental aphrodisiac
Replaying the way your wandering tongue
Makes me arch my back
Every single time
Yeah...just like that

Just to be close to you
Sensations that can melt a heart so cold
You love it when my legs leave you in a chokehold
Have you speaking in underwater tones
Like Morse code
Making me quiver down in my lovely bones
Sea deep in my love below
Letting your kisses ride
Along my great divide
Our worlds collide
It's a beautiful meld
We do this every night
You talk yo shit
I pick a fight
Cuz that making up
Is gonna get us right
When you dive deep into me
Always face first
Aggressive when you devour
Relinquishing all of my power
I have no safe words
We keep it going
Bed shaking
Body quaking
My body's aching
For more of you
Locked and loaded
Staring into your eyes
Your response is of mumble rap and ecstasy
The way your body
Feels best with me
You've already reached your peak
But that ain't enough for me
See, I'm trying to make you weak in the knees
So with ease, I proceed
Mouth steady stroking
Going for erosion
Borderline explosion
I’m simply here to satisfy
So I let you take the lead
Whenever you take me down
Passion astronomical
The moment, epitomical
Connection natural
The mood, casual
Turning me into the main event
Growing weary, but I won't relent
Producing harmonious sounds
Loud moans and heavy breathing
Breaks we be needing
Looking at the mess we made
That unforgettable moment we created, together
As we lay
You, with that silly grin upon your face
From putting me in my place
Plotting on ways to make me wetter
Creativity deepens
The results only get better...