From the recording Undefiled


Hovered over his horizon
We’re staring deep into the eyes of the other
Right into each other
It’s like nothing else even exists… than this
We kiss and instantly our souls connect
Sharing secrets full of sweet nothings
Words cannot fathom yet
All we do is simply...obey

In this moment
His grip is tightening around my frame
I’m holding onto anything that will have me
Render me unafraid
I’ll just ride the wave
Until we’re both in need of saving
Just obey…

It’s obvious he wants to Captain this ship
By the way he’s caressing my hips
Keeping me steady so I don’t slip
Course changing, body buckling
He handles me well like a gentleman
Back scratches are the battle scars of a true warrior
They make for interesting conversation
Relinquishing inhibitions, frolicking beyond the normal play
He made everything feel okay
All I had to do was...obey

The power in his tongue
The places he would lick
The conviction in his kiss
Had me Freudian slip
With those dumb phrases like, “I... love…it”
Fulfilling my need like supply and demand
I take another hit and I’m at his command
Reaching near climax, turning mountains into flatlands
All I had to do was...obey

Sensational rhythmic dimensions of energy
The higher I go, the deeper he’s into me
Last call
He became so elusive
As he gave me the exclusive
I never minded him being so intrusive
It was clear he was playing for keeps
Slow motion coasting on our tidal waves
Reassurances from his gentile graze
He has become my newest craze
The taste of him is what I crave
It’s getting harder to behave
I’ll just give in every time and simply...obey