1. I'M A god

From the recording Power


[Tae Spears]

You niggas ain’t woke you just fear fearing a God
A pacified hope by mysterious wizards of oz

Walking a brick road but you never thought it was odd
That the scripture was translated from a language that was ours

White washed, white folks do it for status gain
Corrupt pastors using the scripture to chase fame

Slave masters controlled the slaves to work plains
And somehow we claim that the word of God is to blame? What a shame

Most people don’t read they click search
Google is the truth to the woke cats for research

Search engines with millions of views to disburse
knowledge from unintelligent fools is much worse

Than me believing the scripture
Me trusting in God
Me saying that Yahweh is greater than Allah

Reading of His description I know I'm cut from the cloth
Being proud to be black while still counting the cost

It's crazy, every view is accepted but the Christian's
And hip hop a genre where niggas can spit fiction

They listen to tracks that portray women as bitches
but if I speak about Jesus these people call it offensive

I'm seeing the sensitivity in niggas
I can say anything that don't match up with your living

You can be poor as fuck listening to rhymes about riches
Or never touched any drugs but in your songs you be whipping

But can you tell me why scripture really disturbing your spirit
Trust me I'm not a saint but I recognize He has risen

I recognize that a holy God became flesh just to kill it
Not to cancel the laws but He came down to fulfill it

Fuck whoever’s offended
Fuck however they spin it
Fuck all them lost niggas
Although I pray that they get it

Fuck those races that hate us only because of our pigment
We were made in perfection and that shit got em triggered

I can tell you I’m flawed I fall short of my witness
Everything that I gain it could be lost in a instance

I’m a god but I’m not God lowercase is the difference
I only say I'm a god cause I was made in His image (Nigga)