1. Closing

From the recording Power


[Tae Spears]

Look this is what it should be like 

Everyone is equal no prejudice that would be tight 

No greed or jealousy everyone strive to be light
Love for what's good instead of wrong we would be


Mom and Pops working together raising the child

Village adding assistance won’t let him follow the crowd 

Instead of bragging bout riches invest it back to the hood 

Taking care of the homeless and making sure that they good

Imagine if we took pride in having good character 

And pushed empowerment and not follow these false narratives 

Think negative of the bad bitches they giving in us 

And take more pride in the Rosa's and the Harriet's

The Lauryn’s and Aaliyah’s 

The Pattie’s and Anita's 

The Rapsody’s, the Mc Lyte’s and the Latifah’s 

Damn! I’m seeing a bigger picture 
Imagine if our men treated black women as sisters 

Imagine if our women trusted men to protect them 
Imagine how much we failed them for that to even be questioned

I mentioned bad bitches but didn’t see the connection 

Bad bitches only reflections of how we left them 

Conditioned to think their worth is what we see on the surface 

We told them they were flawed so surgeries made them perfect (naw)

Let’s praise scars and love on purpose 

Imagine if we seen all black people as worth it (man)

[Beat Switch] 

I praise Yah for everything that I have 
and everything that I lack 

Everything that I lost probably moved it on my behalf

If it’s not for my good then take it off of my path
If I chase after things then my drive has no gas 

And I still crash and that’s real sad 

I can gain the world but that won’t last and that’s all bad

I be in my way but I push past cause the flesh trash
Cause dying in sin comes with backlash and that’s Gods wrath 

So why use my platform to just plateau 

If I ain’t seeing change from what I say then it’s what for? 

Still rep the name even if it leads me dead broke 

Still rep the name even if it leads me dead bro

I’m where He placed me won’t move or he’ll replace me 
And I see you Niggas after what I got 

Envious of the call but phone probably got Him blocked 
You niggas want the ball but never put up any shots

Check the clock cause 

Time don’t stop with lack of progress 

Black people dying by the second this is constant 

The nonsense to lack com sense in these times is 

Bondage we chasing after things that lack promise 

This world was never meant to be home let me be honest 

They never expected us to be great but look at Giannis 

They threw us in the hood we grew up with mad violence 

But we can pass if we group up with these projects 

That’s black power imagine bonding together 

If we loved one another then we can handle whatever

Whether the storm I know this shit is tougher than leather

But dark times can’t last forever, it gets better Nigga

[Beat Switch] 

Cause you can’t trust a god you can’t see 

We are made in His image so see God in me 

I’m not saying that I’m Him, I’m saying that I’m me 

for a creation to exist a creator had to be (GOD) 

It takes more faith not to trust Him

And other faiths just lack substance I don’t trust them 

Cause who’s gonna atone for the bride

you believe in karma but don’t believe in a God Man that’s odd 

Cause who controls the roles of our lives 

How You believe a random generated word for your signs 

How You believe ya zodiac is the tool to define 

Who’s compatible and how a person thinks in his mind 

But even if you believe that, who created that design 

Everything you can believe it still point you to a God

And that’s why I’m gonna always point my audience to Yah 

Cause God be the truth all else is a lie 
So let me stand firm

And you can miss me with that white God shit 

Look at me like I’m a fool when y’all the niggas that’s been tricked 

Slave master told you lies you still believing what he said 

They said the opposite of God and made you turn away from Him 

The alternative would say to pick the book up for yourself 

Don’t be blinded by the people who would have you on a ship 

That will pull you from your home separate you from your kids 

Don’t rebel against yo God
Nigga rebel against them (Damn)