From the recording Power


[Jibreel Khumas]

Pay no attention to the massa behind the curtain even though, he’s playin you

To kill massa is to Kill Bill, and see
Most emcees pill deal, seas (drown)
Seize, power and take control but see most Niggas can’t escape parole, you see

Cause-the massa gon massa, music industry massa spin the block for yo masters, spit a rap for yo massa, sit on laps for yo massa, make it clap for yo, massa

The power is yours, behold
Send Obatala’s ancestral vibration through their souls

Patrols troll our towns first
And, this is why we must be Black first
Black-verse connecting melanated minds to the Multi-verse

Ascending soul, journeying through the cosmos

Beautiful hue, even when buried in dirt
Spirit booming from this physical, earthly hearse

Strange beings—raiding tombs
Believing evaporated blood will quench their thirst

We were God’s first, we are Gods first

Interludes at intersections, levitating minds serve as Vodun processions

Expecting confessions from Westerns will only bring depression

Will you tell the world about the original Jews you’ve been oppressing?

So, die, Nigga and rise up, King
The ship’s door is closing
This purple pill will protect you from those screens

[Tae Spears]

Home of the brave, land of the free
Freedom ain't free for people that's looking like me

Internet spewing hate guess that's freedom of speech
But they freedom is showing me that my freedom is weak

Blacks screaming that Black Lives Matter, that statement is deep
Cause these same guys will leave they own kind in the streets

But the same shit is said when you mention police
The only difference is they do it and get off free

This power in us run deep
From Martins and the Malcolms and the Rosas we don’t change seats

Not budgin strenght of Tubman yeah we marching to the same beat
From beatings to the lynchings only Yah can give a god Peace

Black boys given white drugs hear the cop sound
Black girls beaten by this world never dropped crown

White folks put us through the worst but they don’t see how
We may fall but we don’t bow we can’t stay down