1. Night Cap

From the recording If I Can Be Honest


Me and my wife just got into a fight
But I brush that off its time to find some chick to write
I know that's wrong, this can't be right
But since we having problems yeah I'm single for the night
Send her a message like hey what's good with you
How is you and yo dude
She replied I guess we cool
I'm like cool, I know what that mean if need be I'm here to talk
She said he's cheating and she's thinking that its time for her to walk
And I'm like yo that's crazy, if you was mines I'd never cheat
And she responds that was sweets got her thinking that we can be
She can't be thinking logically, cause my words don't hold much weight
Because I'm married going on year eight
And if we play that's not gone change but this is game
And game got us exchanging sweet words
Like I wish I could always put you first
But you no my situation and it hurts
Those are lies I'm telling her
Yo she sending kiss emojis I know sex will soon occur
She sent her address attached to a pic message
She got some issues and I feel I need to undress em
Like with her boyfriend cheating on her she just wanna feel wanted
And I feel I'm qualified to give her what she's wanting
But while I'm out satisfying this chick
And going through desperate measures to get inside her bed
My wife is at home hurting being strong for the kids
While I'm in the car GPSin where shorty lives
Not seeing my actions how they effect my bae
I'm standing here lifeless my feelings done ran away
I'm opposite of righteous my walk I have ran astray
Cause I'm finding contentment in what these chicks got to say
She just want some attention and yearn to hear something sweet
But when it came to Monique this was hard to see
So what I should have did for her I was doing for all them
Investing my time in someone I really had no stock in
But now I'm locked in, got to carried away
Passion thick, flesh is begging for me to stay
I feel so sick, her body is dripped in lingerie
Take this risk if so I could lose it all today
Clothes removed marriage is doomed I need help
But I won't lose if I keep this to myself
Regretful fool, grab my stuff so I can go
Little I know, I dialed my wife a hour ago

Are you out of yo mothafuckin mind
You stupid ass Nigga you called me mothafucka
I heard every mothafuckin thing that happened
You pussy ass, lyin ass, dog ass mothafucka
Don't bring yo dumbass back to this mothafuckin house
Stay yo ass over there with that bitch you cheatin mothafucka
Fuck you Donte I'm done with your shit

I am way too deep in lust
I am way too far to trust
You know the God who lives in us
Well for me he must have left
Pathetic cycles on repeat
I am a idol of defeat
Cause I can't win I tried but I compromise just to lay up in her sheets
Although I hurt inside I replay the lies I'm not ostracized
Naw I'm penalized drowned in lustful side couldn't take the tide
Should I jump for air or its bed I hide
To my wife I lied To my kids I lied
To my self I lied This is suicide
I just wish I die Lord please break this curse
If I end it all would it take the hurt

Hi Honey I had ta call you cause I was looking at my dress
And I'm so excited about tomorrow
I love you so much
And I can't believe were getting married
So um I just wanted to say like you're my best friend and
I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you
I love you Mr. Spears