1. Instagram

From the recording If I Can Be Honest


I feel caught in a drama
Suspense action romance then a horror
It looks good then it feels right sorta
I can't front the new picture makes me want her, damn
Uh should I bite that fruit
Naw how much damage would that double tap do
I keep tellin me I'm not that dude
But temptation got me all up in her views

She hit them angles in fashion nova
Reverse double pinch the screen to see it a little closer
Her likes doing numbers so mines should be harmless
Put hearts up in her comments I feel I'm weak to be honest
But I keep being thirsty another pic on my line
I figure it doesn't hurt if I acknowledge she fine
And even though she not mine social medias the new porn
Seductive videos and pics I'm tryna get my view on
Late night screen light brightens up my facial features
My wife sleeping next to me while I'm Insta creeping
Lust got me believing that this pic is what I'm needing
This corrupt way of thinking is blinding what I am seeing
Should have guarded my eyes this shouldn't have ever start
Open up to the lies now its effected my heart
Different angles and Filters got me trapped in her spell
But I've got to the point where I don't even care