1. Hourglass

From the recording If I Can Be Honest


Yo I thought time would pause after we said I do
But death do us part was only based on the shit I do
Never thought that I would lose everything
Its fucked up cause these rings had expiration dates
Damn I should have never came home late
But after all I put her through how much did I think she take
Now we daily kill each other past lovers are now roommates
And I feel I'm change but does that change the damage that I caused
An apologetic killer don't change that a life was lost
And a sorry child molester won't bring back that innocence
So a marriage won't be fixed just because a man repents
She ain't God but I'm basing my worth on the way she view me
This love is toxic I'm trying while scared to death that she'll leave me
But it seems best for the sake of us losing ourselves to split
I never even thought the way that I'm feeling could still exist
What did I miss when I was reviewing the risk
The Ways of escape exist but obviously I was tricked
To think I was just a mess that couldn't do right by God
Couldn't do right by her but that was just a Mirage
And Now that I put her first she rather us be apart
She don't even wear her ring while I'm tryna give her my heart
In exchange for new start. fuck it lets work it out for the kids
Though I'm miserable on the fence I'm just wanting her to forgive
But we both ain't happy in this so we daily quick to offend
We been holding our anger in till grenades loses the pin
And we blow up, saying shit that hurt and cut deep
Man we love each other but there so much pain that's underneath
Fix marriage or don't? Which one means that I'll be free
The realest shit that I wrote came from pain nobody sees
And I'm sick of church members acting like they got the key
They just searching for the tea they don't really want you free
Lying pastors pass for innocent dictate what people see
I toss and turn from my mistakes I wonder if they getting sleep
I swear I can shake the city based on secrets that I keep
They just keep me close enough ensuring I won't say a peep
But those secrets safe with me, I'm just cleaning out my closet
I won't say a thing. I'll never include who was involved
But what's concerning me is something I will proudly tell it all cause
God sees everything why would hide from any one of y'all
But that don't change my love for you be blessed sis salute bro
You got greatness in you don't lose hope
Get rid of that sin tho. I'm Not trying to offend those
I'm just giving info without giving info
If God is omnipresent then what we pretend for
To God we are sinful but we fronting for them folk
I think that's so wack but I'm getting I'm off track, I want my wife back
But damn sometimes we stray too far to ever come back
But I understand that nothing is impossible for God
So I'm praying hard he changes her heart
But if not still heal mines
Show me I'm not bound to what I was. Show me I'm forgiven
Show me that I'm covered by the blood. Help me walk in wisdom
I'm not sweeping sins under the rug. Take my bad decisions
Show them that I'm different just because of the God that's risen
Cause you will get the glory for my pain without you I have miss it
Let them see with you I'm not the same I'll take my life and risk it
I'm not doing music for the fame but giving facts to christians
That experienced going through some things

You are not alone
You are not defined by your mistakes, you can come back home
Failure doesn't have to be your fait, see every strong hold
God has given you the strength to break
But it be prolonged by deceiving thoughts that say you can't
But that's a lie I put that on my life that you will not die
Cling to Christ put no trust in flesh the hearts is full of pride
That implies you the worst person alive so don't try
God and Satan both are gunning for your life so pick a side
Don't cover yo scars war wounds are divine
Glory to the most high that you can rise
Whatever you did is over let the past be the past give it to God
Confess your sins turn away In Jesus name you are alive